Connecting advertisers with their target audience

through performance based marketing

About GECI Media

GECI Media is an exclusive full-service performance marketing firm that specializes in connecting advertisers with their target audience through online media.

Founded by industry professional, we build high converting marketing campaigns around an advertiser's campaign goals in order to achieve the highest return on investment.

Our team offers exclusive online lead generation. We are experts in executing various marketing projects such as aggressive media buying, data monetization, reputation management, SEO/SEM, email marketing, massive social media exposure and offer performance-based pricing options.

about geci media


Media planning & buying

If you are confused on where to spend your online budget, GECI Media can help. Our experienced media planners can assemble an online campaign that extends into multiple online channels and give you a central point of focus and measurement.

Offer optimization

This is one of the most overlooked of all specialties an agency can provide to an Advertiser. Unless you have 1000's of hours of experience testing, tweaking and optimizing, offer optimization means little more than making a page look nice.

Social media marketing

If you're not spending 1.000$ a day on Social Media, you haven't entered the modern era of marketing. Let us lead your way to running successful social media campaigns to minimize your efforts and maximize your ROI.

Search marketing

GECI Media helps clients to implement and optimize all elements of a healthy modern marketing program via paid search marketing.

Affiliate marketing

GECI Media can help you strategize, build, prospect, launch and manage a complete affiliate solution.


After project completion, our team is happy to provide continual assistance with your SMO efforts.


If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us.

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